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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a very important factor in determining any organisation’s profit margin. As the consumer preferences are changing and shifts in the demand curves indicating a higher value, an efficient SCM has become a major concern. On time delivery, procurement, competitive pricing, rising competition, inventory management, warehousing, operations and transportation demand for a better and faster management of the value chains.

Handling all these aspects can be a cumbersome and perplexing procedure. We provide the best in class solutions to all the supply chain related issues. Our analytics tool uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms amalgamated with data analytics and visualisations help the clients to understand the functioning of their supply chain model and the areas of improvement. Our near accurate estimates and forecasts help the clients not only to take important business decisions but also provide insights to dampen the effects in case of any market shocks. We ensure a smooth functioning at every step of the supply chain with our precise analytical solutions.



Procurement cost-cutting post Freight Auditing Automation

Optimisation of Spare Parts

Optimisation of Spare Parts

Integration of Supplier Data

Routes Normalisation Solution

Optimisation of Outbound Shipments

Optimisation of Outbound Shipments

Identification of the perfect model to cater to the E-commerce clients

Identification of correct level of Health Inventory