Procurement cost-cutting post Freight Auditing Automation


One of the clients had been using third party services for logistics purposes, especially for delivering products to the consumers. However, it was found that the information on some customers were either out-dated or updated erroneously. There were even some issues with the logistics system intentionally or unintentionally which had led to rise in the cost. Our tool provided solutions to the client by automating the entire auditing process of the freight invoices and pulling quality data from the invoices as well as validation of information on customers.


Identification of the customers from :

• Extraction of data using Artificial Intelligence from invoices

• Storage of information on customers in CRM and ERP systems

• Validation and verification of customer data

• Detection of anomalies using Artificial Intelligence

• Reporting the anomalies


• Reduction of manual labour as a result of automation

• Enhanced accuracy

• Lower errors

• Speed increased


Procurement cost saved due to automation of invoice audit