Azure Data Share

Azure Data Share a new feature to share data between organizations. The regions are slightly limited to 3 as of now but will grow in the future. Under the hood it’s a PaaS based share service which expose selected data from Azure storage to the selected parties and has a couple of features thrown in

  • Versioning
  • Tracking and auditing capabilities like who, when accessed the data.
  • Subscribe to the data share.
  • Policies around data usage
  • Uses the same security primitives as Azure.

Quick Facts: Data can be shared in/out to any other organization which is explicitly on Azure.

The sharing and receiving possibility in/out are limited to

Data shared via invitation works best with Microsoft suite of authentication schemes or more specifically Azure, so if there is sharing information to other forms authentication that will not be possible.

Typical use cases

1. Data Sharing between organizations.

2. Planning to find an easier solution then FTP , drop box other forms for sharing.

Good to see in future allow data share of Azure database which add complexity to multifold and will be competing with other existing Azure offering (SQL Azure Sync, ADF etc.…)


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