Ajay Solanki

Co-founder & CTO
B.E. Computer Science
Domain Expertise: Data Engineering, Data Science, Cloud computing
A hands-on technical leader, Ajay is the quintessential coder, equally at home on MS Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. He is a proven AWS and Azure cloud specialist, having worked on multiple, bespoke high-value migration projects. His linguistic fluencies cover ML, deep learning frameworks, Big Data (Apache suite of offerings), Databricks, R Python, and C#, among others.
He has spent over 2 decades architecting, designing, building and deploying enterprise IT & software applications. With multiple data engineering, data science, and complex AI/ML projects in the Oil and Gas and Finance industries under his belt, he brings a rare combination of knowledge and experience to every project we undertake.

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Prior to co-founding Vision Insight, Ajay served as a Chief Architect, focusing largely on AWS migration and Big Data implementations. Before this he spent eleven and a half years, in various capacities, with Microsoft India where he successfully led various lighthouse projects to completion.
A thought leader who believes in giving back, he plays an advisory role as CTO with start-ups and also blogs prolifically on diverse topics, in addition to technology related matters.

1. Architecting the Private Cloud
2. Service Bus in Cloud
3. Platform as a Service in Cloud- The choice for new applications in cloud
4. Cloud Based Application Architecture
5. Large Scale Azure Architecture
6. Azure Application Archetype
7. Narwhal – Big Data for US Elections
8. Real-time Financial Stocks Analysis Architecture

. Patents
Component Based Mobile Architecture with Intelligent Business Services to Build Extensible Supply Chain Ready Procurement Platforms