Vision Insight came into being in response to the Big Data challenges posed by Velocity, Volume, Veracity and Variety—the 4V’s of big data—to data management. We use our management consulting and data engineering abilities to create innovative and service oriented architectures that don’t just answer specific business objectives, but also address future data-eventualities. Our team, comprising of cloud/data architects, data engineers, data scientists, business analysts and business consultants, has repeatedly proven its ability on projects that range across industry sectors and geographies.



Our senior team members collectively get over 150 years of work experience across business consulting, data consulting and core technical experience that works together to tackle data issues not just from the technical but also a strong business objective. That is the way data solutions should be approached to as well – to enable the business make efficient, productive business decisions that unlock potential and value!

Winfred Samson
Consultant – Retail / CPG

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Neeraj Julka
Co-founder and Chief – Analytics

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Gurinder Pal Singh
Co-founder and CFO

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Aaron Arredendo
Client Engagement

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The age of abundance is upon us. Businesses are sitting on vast gold mines of unsuspected intelligence. We see our selves as enablers, leveraging our expertise, accumulated knowledge and understanding of AI, ML and visual analytics to tap the data and deliver transformational value to all aspects of your business.